06 Jan 14 at 2 am

Very bare bones, as I said. But its also my first attempt at any sort of concrete html/css project, and I think it looks somewhat decent to boot. 

The “links” in the nav bar aren’t functional (yet!) but they do change color when you hover over them which I think is kinda neat. 

I also finally got the header/banner to stay put as you scroll down. Took way too long but I know how to do it now so that’s cool. 

All in all I think it was a pretty productive night. Drank a lot of coffee and listened to All Songs Considered, and designed a (basic) first website I can (sort of) feel proud of! Now I sleep. 

EDIT: Feedback is appreciated, I like most of you guys on here so I’d like to hear what you think I can improve on and shit. Even if its just aesthetics. Thanks.

Took me pretty much forever but I think I got it looking pretty presentable, albeit non-functioning. Will possibly post pictures. 

31 Dec 13 at 4 am

This year was, to put it lightly, horrible. I went through a ton of personal deconstruction, growth, pain, and reassessment. I do not have a lot to show for it, honestly. I’m closer to being in a place that I want to be, but I’m not really there yet. My resolution for next year is to simply get to where I am okay with the person I am. 

I am blessed to have what I have, at this point. I have friends who love me, a wonderful dog that I would feel completely lost without, a family that is pretty broken but working hard to reassemble itself like a city building back up after a natural disaster. I couldn’t be here without these things. I take them for granted and I treat these people and things with some weird contempt sometimes that baffles me even as I do it. I hate myself for doing this. I see people that I grew up with putting their lives together so perfectly and I am filled with a seething, green jealousy. All of their pieces seem to line up so perfectly, but mine do not. Why don’t I have that? Why can’t I make up my damn mind and create something for myself? I want to deserve these few good things I have. That is my resolution for 2014, I want to earn it. 

30 Nov 13 at 2 am

This is the best song about constipation there is.

30 Nov 13 at 1 am

(Source: Spotify)

29 Nov 13 at 2 am
tags: kevin devine 

I wanna make ‘em crawl again